Some things that you may or may not wish to know:                            

*I graduated from the University of Notre Dame in May ’13 with a French/Russian double major (after switching it at least 47,000 times from English to Film/Television/Theater to Philosophy to Defense Against the Dark Arts to etc.)

*I was born and raised in Ohio (aka a cornfield) (<<just kidding, Columbus is my homeland and is argued by most to be more city than pasture)

*My dog weighs 4 pounds and some people think that she is possessed by demons, which I find offensive since dogs are supposed to take after their owner’s personality.

*Secretly, I want to do something creative as a profession and to travel the world for the rest of my days.  I think this is possible. We will see.





11 thoughts on “About

  1. Had this blog been named My Maniacal Menagerie of Mötley Musings, I would be nominating you for the Alliteration Empress of the Blogosphere Award. Assuming such exists.

    Still, neat title, great Project O submission, and thanks for the follow.

  2. Casey thanks again for taking part in Project O! I really appreciate you taking the time to respond to comments in a timely fashion and I hope the project brought something to you personally as well! Thanks again for participating! -OM

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