Katya: On Running

Sometimes things like this happen when I go running…

Please enjoy (but SERIOUSLY PLZZZPLZ!!!1!!1 I quite painfully injured my butt doing cartwheels for this, and only your enjoyment will render my broken, torn posterior worth it) as my severe colleague/hauntingly dead-in-the-glaring-eyed friend/Russian alter ego shares her wisdom on some little known but highly useful running techniques in a variety of every day scenarios, including slumbering bears, husband hunts and pistol poppin’ gangstas.


Voldemort’s Cover of “Hello” by Adele

As some of you already know, I recently attempted to post a Lord Voldy version of Adele’s “Hello,” but that ended up being a twisted, husk of a failure because the angry copyright monsters stripped me of my sound and left me with an unsettling silent video of an evil sorcerer’s weird face instead of the darkly magical music video I’d originally envisioned … SO since they’ve forced my hand, I have had no other choice but to go Voldemort himself for some disturbing though legally acceptable vocals. And He (Who Must Not be Named) has provided in spades.

Please enjoy this haunting ballad: