Bedtime Murder Mystery

It’s always slightly unnerving, I think, to walk into your room and immediately sense that something has been trifled, tinkered or toyed with – the intruder’s presence still lingering as you glance around warily, hoping against hope that your secret diary remains a secret, that your most precious belongings (i.e. gold dubloons, the sorcerer’s stone, etc) remain locked safely away, and that you are not, in fact, being haunted by a demonic poltergeist.

This evening, I stumbled upon just such an unsettling scene as I returned to my bedroom after dinnalin.  What first drew my attention was a pair of tiny blue shoes, belonging either to an elf or a child (modern technology is not yet advanced enough to conclusively determine which).


Elf/Boy Shoes

Next, it dawned on me that some sort of creature had been rolling around in my bed, smashing up the pillow and rumpling my poor, agitated red blanket.


This is for sure not the way that I made my bed this morning

More disturbing, still, was the chilling article to be discovered at the foot of my bed…



As images of pistol-wielding elves rolling around on my bed dashed through my mind, I came upon a gruesome crime scene:


What a shame

Both a longneck dino (thought to have been extinct millions of years ago!!?) and a round, three-legged pig seemed to have been slain by the pistol-popping intruder.  Inert and knocked over onto their sides, both improbable beasts were cold to the touch – long dead.  A heinous crime, indeed.  BUT WHO HAD COMMITTED THE ATROCITY?!  Fortunately (and astoundingly), the perpetrator left behind the most damning of evidence…


Nothing more incriminating than a school picture

Thibault, the mischievous French trickster/elvish gun wielder, strikes again.

On that disturbing yet satisfying note, it’s time for bed. I always sleep well after cracking a case.


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