<3 Valentines Day <3: Not My Forte

Historically, I have never celebrated Valentines Day in a properly romantic manner. I think that I am simply too quick and my reflexes too catlike for a creepy, levitating love baby to shoot me down with his freaky deaky bow and arrow.  Even if its weapons are made out of love, I prefer not to be shot at by an infant.  The idea of it rather upsets me.

Because I am a ninja and have grown highly skilled at evading love on sniper baby’s amorous day of glory, some of the photos taken of me on this holiday have been rather…unconventional.  Below are a couple of examples that best illustrate my past couple of experiences with February 14.  Don’t be alarmed…


Here we have just a casual evening, weeping on top of a snow mound.  But the plus side is that I have a fine bottle of wine (sparkling grape juice) to drown my sorrows and a lovely heart-shaped box of godiva delights (purchased by yours truly) to remind me that if you don’t have a boo, a BF or a lova, there are others means by which one can procure chocolate.


Here we have a casual pic of me with my friends, doing the “thumbs up” sign because I am having such a good time.  You can tell that it’s V-tines Day because there are hearts streaming out of my head.

…At times, I wonder whether my Valentines experience is never a lovey-dovey dream of candlelit romance because, deep down, I am a just crazy fooligan doin’ mah own thang, who enjoys occasionally dressing like this:


And posin’ with my homeys like this:


And inexplicably sprouting antlers from time to time like this:


But, ultimately, for now, I’m cool with avoiding sharp projectiles fired at me by romantical dwarf babes on the fateful fourteenth of February, and with enjoying the love to be had in life, distributed equally on all of the days of the year (even on Mondays, the bane of my existence).

Because when you’ve got family…


And the best o’ friends…


And sights like this on the daily (if you keep your eyes open)…


…it’s pretty hard to get all that worked up about Cupid dissing you on Valentines Day.  Plus, it is just never wise to trust a baby with weapons.  Can’t emphasize that enough.


20 thoughts on “<3 Valentines Day <3: Not My Forte

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  2. It’s in the genes, Kido….. Very cool observations, though. And what is V-Day anyway, except an arbitrary date in the middle of the worst month of the year designed to boost profits of florists, chocolate makers, and greeting card companies!

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