Don’t be alarmed

Don't be alarmed

This is me with my roommate Michael (who has already made an appearance on the “About” page). Most all of our pictures are like this because New York City makes even the best of us slightly pSyChO bOyS aNd gIrLs at times. But in fact, I think me being awake at this hour after having consumed at least 47 cups of caffeine could very well be what has left me in this disturbing state where I’m posting bizarrities that should never be seen like this (sodamnsorry).

But in all seriousness, I posted this so that you could see how physically identical Michael and I are–almost twinlike in stature and physique, as blind and insane people commonly inform us.

Having noted that, I wanted to explain how, today, a magical Chinese laundry woman who works next door to our apartment “accidentally” placed a pair of quite-obviously-female blue jeans into Michael’s laundry basket. Jester that he is, Michael decided to slip those size 4 lassie-slacks on just for the heck of it. And guess what. Those female pantaloons somehow fit his manly, track-star fashionista curves like not even gullible Goyle (of the Crabbe and Goyle variety) would BELIEVE. Oh, and they fit me too. As easy a fit as a nudist’s birthday suit.

So Michael and I have embarked on our traveling sisterhood. We share a pair of pants now. What’s next…? I can only shimmy to imagine… (I’m liking the idea of shimmying in dread more than the classic shudder).


2 thoughts on “Don’t be alarmed

  1. Dang! I wanted to used the Traveling Sisterhood reference. I think it’s wonderful that, with the cost of living so high, there will be no need to double up on new Fall fashions!

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